Radioanalytical Laboratory

Measurement of radionuclide contents in commodities has become an important regulatory requirement for international trade. In most countries that are signatory to WTO, the certificate of measurements of 'Radionuclide Content in Commodities' is a mandatory requirement

RAL Vashi
Radioanalytical Laboratory, Vashi

BRIT undertakes the analysis and issuance of Radioactivity Test Certificate for commodities such as  food items for human consumption , animal feeds, chemicals, coal, flyash, soil, ores, water samples, steel etc.

The gross alpha, gross beta, 226Ra, 228Ra and total uranium content are tested in water samples. 238U, 232Th, 226Ra and 40K are tested in Coal, flyash and soil samples. The steel sample are tested in the laboratory for the presence of 60Co, 137Cs etc.

BRIT also carries out the survey and certification of surface radiation dose of steel consignments at factory sites and import/export warehouses. A similar facility also exists at our Regional Centre Bengaluru.

Updated: Saturday August 03, 2019 19:29