Isotope Applications

Radioisotopes as sealed sources and radiotracers find applications such as gamma scanning of process columns, leak detection in buried pipelines and determining the blockages..

Radioisotope Techniques for Troubleshooting and other Applications


Sealed Source Applications Radiotracer Applications
Gamma Scanning of Industrial Process ColumnsLeak Detection
Pipe Scanning Residence Time Distribution
Radiometry of Shielded Containers Sediment Transport Studies
Blockage Detection in Buried Pipelines Hydrology
Nucleonic Control SystemsOil Filed Applications
 Environmental Pollution Investigations
Corrosion / Wear Monitoring

A typical process column is a candidate for online, non-destructive and cost effective assessment of columns hardware for predictive maintenance and process optimization etc.

The pipeline was scanned using gamma pipe scanner containing 5 mCi of Cs-137 developed by Isotope Application Services of BRIT. The exact location of the stuck pig was identified. The pipeline was cut open and the pig was removed putting the pipeline in operation again. 

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