BRIT produces and supplies a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and medical institutions to enable various diagnostic and therapeutic studies on patients. BRIT Has recently added [177Lu]-Lu-DOTATATE (LUM-3) and [131I]-Lipiodol (IOM 40) as new therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals products.

I-131 Capsules

These radiopharmaceutical products undergo strict quality analysis and quality control tests including sterility, pyrogen tests and biodistribution studies and are manufactured in strict compliance with regulations in India as per the Radiopharmaceutical Committee (RPC) guidelines. AERB Guidelines and regulatory forms for setting up a nuclear medicine facility and seeking authorization/approval for use of radiopharmaceutical products from BRIT are available at AERB website.

New Information : MSDS Data Sheets for Radioisotope Generator 99Mo-99mTc

New Products Launched :

177Lu-DOTATATE Injection Code : LUM-3 available in 100 mCi and 200 mCi doses.  Production is on fortnightly basis. The product is useful for PRRT of sstr positive Neuroendocrine tumors    

131I-Lipiodol Injection  Code : IOM 40  available in 75 mCi dose. Production is on a monthly basis. The product is useful in treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.


BRIT supplies following radiopharmaceuticals and allied products:

Package Inserts and Material Safety Data Sheets for Radiopharmaceuticals

MSDS Data Sheets for Radioisotope Generator 99Mo-99mTc

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