New Product : TCG-2 Geltech Generator launched (click icon on right for complete details).

BRIT supplies 99Mo as Sodium molybdate solution to the nuclear medicine centers where 99mTc as Sodium Pertechnetate is separated using solvent extraction generator systems with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) as solvent. BRIT also supplies the essential reagents and other kit components for this generator system.

Product Code Unit
99Mo-Sodium molybdate TCM-2 mCi
99mTc-extraction kit   With each order, one kit is supplied which
 consists of
-Empty autoclaved vials
-Sterile beakers
-Sterile normal saline
-Sodium hydroxide
-Double distilled water
Generator Accessories
  All glass solvent extraction generator  TCM-3   Unit one
  Lead Shield for extraction Assembly  TCM-4   Unit one
  Hand operated Vacuum pump  TCA-2   Unit one
  Glass filtration assembly  TCA-4   Unit one
  MEK solvent  TCA-5   (200ml)



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