Labelled Compounds

BRIT has developed state-of-the-art methods and standardized procedures for the synthesis, purification and quality assurance/ quality control of labelled compounds and biomolecules.

Labelled compounds

BRIT has been preparing and supplying Carbon-14, Tritium, Phosphorous-32 and Sulphur-35 labelled compounds for research applications in basic and applied chemical and biological sciences ever since the beginning of the Isotope program.

Custom Synthesis of carbon-14 labelled compounds and tritium Labelling Services are also offered. In recent times Deuterium labelled solvents for NMR and tritium filled self-luminous sources have also been introduced.

32P labelled nucleotides are supplied from Regional Centre, Hyderabad

For ordering labelled compounds and related products other than nucleotides contact Manager, Teletherapy & Open Sources

Updated: Tuesday August 06, 2019 20:17