Deuterated NMR Solvents

Product DescriptionCodeAvailable Packs *
Acetone-d6 (>99.8 atom % D)LCD-1  
Acetonitrile-d3 (>99.8 atom % D)LCD-2  
Benzene-d6 (>99.8 atom %D)LCD-3 
Chloroform-d (>99.8 atom % D)LCD-4 
Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6  (>99.8 atom % D)LCD-6  
Deuterium Oxide (Heavy water) (>99.8 atom % D)DW-110  
Deuterium Oxide (Heavy water) (>99.8 atom % D)DW-10  

* A complete detailed list of available packs with codes for  Deuterated Solvents (pdf)

12 July 2017 : We are now supplying all of the above products with >99.8 atom % of D.

Enquiries regarding prices and placement of orders in A-1 form of BRIT may be sent to Manager, Teletherapy & Open Sources

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