Sealed Radiation Sources

BRIT provides sealed radiation sources for several applications in industry, medicine and research. Cobalt-60 sources for industrial irradiators (radiation processing plants), cobalt teletherapy sources for radiation treatment of cancer and iridium-192 for radiography exposure devices are of major national importance.

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RAPPCOF facility at Kota, sealed sources fabrication facility at HIRUP and reference sources production at radiological laboratories are engaged in meeting the ever increasing demand of sealed sources in the country.

With many radiation processing plants commissioned in the private sector the group has been involved in fabricating, transportation and installation of Cobalt-60 based industrial irradiator sources. NIPRO, a 5 MCi radiation processing plant in private sector was supplied a record 882 kCi of Cobalt-60 in a single order. Cobalt-60 pencils for laboratory irradiaiors are also fabricated for supply with radiation technology equipments such as gamma chambers and blood irradiators.

Cobalt teletherapy sources for radiation treament and brachytherapy sources for treatment of certain types of cancers are also fabricated and supplied.

Non-destructive examination with radiographic exposure devices require iridium-192 or cobalt-60 radiation sources for these devices which are provided through out the year to hundreds of NDT customers.

Many low level radiation sources for several research applications are supplied as per the requirements of the end users.

These sources are manufactured using sophisticated equipment under stringent quality control requirements meeting the prescribed standards for leakage and contamination. Performance of these sources is ensured under conditions of normal use as well as anticipated accidental conditions. The sources conform to various national and international codes.

Updated: Friday September 20, 2019 14:04