Sealed Sources - Medical

BRIT provides cobalt teletherapy and brachytherapy sources for radiation treatment of cancer.

Sources for all types of Cobalt Teletherapy Machines including Bhabhatron and imported Theratron machines in the country are fabricated as per ISO 2919: E65535.

[60Co]-Cobalt Teletherapy Sources are supplied under code CTS in the output range of 100-200 RMM depending on the requirement of the customers. Transportation and installation is the responsibility of agents of the unit.

More information on Bhabhatron II is available at the website of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

AERB Guidelines and regulatory aspects for radiotherapy are available at Atomic Energy Regulatory Board website. AERB has also provided the list of cancer treatment centres licensed by them for Radiotherapy applications in the country.

137Cs Brachytherapy Sources for intracavitary treatment of cancer using manual after loading applicators are fabricated as per the specifications mentioned in ISO 2919: E53211. BRIT supplies 137Cs applicator under the code CSA 1 which is sufficient for two patients.  Accessories of the kit consisting of ovoids, uterine tubes etc are also supplied under code CSK 1.

Ir-192 wire coated with platinum (linear activity of upto 6 mCi/cm)  as open source for interstitial treatment of cancer is supplied as IRMW ( 50 cm and 100 cm).

Iodine-125 - Ocu-Prosta Seeds (brachytherapy source) sealed in titanium capsule of 0.5 mm dia and 4.75 mm length developed by Isotope Production & Applications Division of BARC is also available from BRIT on enquiry.

Contact Manager, Teletherapy & Open Sources for further enquiries.

BRIT has designed Karknidon for brachytherapy applications which is likely to be available in the market very soon. One such unit has been provided to Tata Memorial Centre for trial runs (see below).

Updated: Friday September 20, 2019 14:05