Radiation Technology Equipment

BRIT supplies three types of radiation technology equipments like Gamma Chambers (GC 5000 and GC 1200), Blood Irradiator (BI 2000) and Radiography Exposure Devices (ROLI-1, ROLI-2 and ROLI-3) which are designed to meet national and international standards and approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for use in India and abroad.

GC 5000
BI 2000

Gamma Chambers find extensive applications in research related to the effect of radiation on materials, applications in chemical and biological sciences. Irradiation of blood with Blood irradiator 2000  reduces the risk of T- graft vs Host disease in patients who need blood transfusion. The radiographic exposure devices find many applications in non-destructive examinations. BRIT also carries out refurbishment and replenishment of sources of these units.

Cs-137 based BI-2000 (left)  Blood Irradiator has been developed at BRIT recently.

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