Radiography Cameras

BRIT now supplies only ROLI 2 and ROLI 3 Cameras and ROLI 1 SS in some cases. The original ROLI 1 camera with MS casings are discontinued.

Product Specifications: ROLI -1 (SS)
Isotope roli_trolley Iridium - 192
Half life 74 Days
Maximum  capacity 1.3 TBq. (35 curies)
Inspection range 10 mm to 70 mm steel or equivalent
Sheilding material Lead
Camera operation Remote control, Teleflex cable drive
Maximum operating distance 8 meters from the camera
Front guide tubes (2 Nos.) 3 metres and 1 metre long (one each)
Overall dimensions 375 mm long, 250 mm wide, and 275 mm height
Weight 37 Kg

Salient Features:

  • Reliable and cost effective.
  • Designed to operate with minimum maintenance.
  • Designed to conform to the requirements of Class (M) exposure device in accordance with ISO/3999/1977 (E) and also to meet the requirements of Type B (U) radioactive package as per AERB code SC/TR-1, Nov.86.
  • The source remains locked in the camera until the drive system is connected properly.
  • Drive cable can be disconnected only when the source is in safe position.
  • The source can not be driven out unless the front guide tube is properly connected with the camera.
  • The safety interlock system ensures arresting the source in safe position.
  • The source displacement can be monitored at the control unit.

The system is used with iridium - 192 source up to a maximum strength of 1.3 TBq (35 curies), for radiography of steel, brass, copper and light alloys. ROLI-1 camera provides facility to take Panoramic Exposure. The unit conforms to the requirements of the International Standard ISO-3999/1977(E) and AERB requirements for type B(U) radioactive packages as per AERB - SC/TR-1, Nov.1986

However, the old ROLI-1 camera with MS casing is now being discontinued for transportation related regulations from AERB.

Customers are required to procure ROLI-2 or ROLI-3 cameras.

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