Blood Irradiator 2000

BRIT has launched a new Cs-137 based Blood Irradiator.Irradiation of blood & blood products by gamma rays is a proven and safe method to inhibit T-Lymphocyte Proliferation and eliminate the risk of post transfusion graft versus host disease (T-GVHD).

BI 2000
BI 2000
BI 2000
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Gamma irradiation of cellular blood components is the best current technology to reduce the risk of T-GVHD to the recipients as confirmed by research and therefore being widely practiced world over in hospitals and blood banks as a life saving approach to this problem. Blood is usually irradiated in standard blood bags in dedicated blood irradiators using cobalt-60 or caesium-137 radioactive source. The usual recommended radiation doses are 25 Gy to 35 Gy (1 Gy = 100 rad) for this purposes.

BRIT has designed and developed a dedicated blood irradiator called Blood Irradator-2000 (Bl-2000. It is a self-shielded, compact and versatile Gamma Irradiator which can house cobalt-60 source upto 25 TBq (675 Curies).

It provides a dose rate ofabout 11 Gy/minute approximately inside the sample chamber. It is incorporated with a sample rotating mechanism to obtain better uniformity of dose to the products. The control system is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based with touch sensitive color screen using user-friendly software and a printer for data recording.

The unit can be installed in a room without any additional shielding. Its design conforms to all relevant national and international standards and safety codes. It meets the requirement of Type B(U) package for transportation.

BRIT will undertake servicing and source replenishment whenever required. Source Disposal: BRIT will also take up source disposal as and when required.

Specifications :
Co-60 Source Capacity 25 TBq (675 Ci)
Dose rate at maximum capacity 11 Gy/min. approx
  Radial +/-25% or better
Axial +/-25% or better
Sample Chamber  
Volume 3 liters
Size 13 cm (dia) X 21.7 cm (ht)
Rotating Container of Sample Chamber  
Volume 2 liters
Size 12 cm (dia) X 17.9 cm (ht)
Speed 60 RPM
Shielding material Lead & Stainless Steel (SS 304L)
Weight of the unit 2600 Kgs. Approx.
Size of the unit 112 cm (l) x 95 cm (w) x 171 cm (ht)
Timer range 6 seconds onwards
Power requirement 220/230 V, 50 Hz, 5 Amps,
Single Phase, AC supply
Control system Electrical as well as PLC based with
touch sensitive colored LCD screen and
printer for data recording
Printer A-4 size for data printout Installation Requirements :
   Room for the unit  
      3M X 3M X 3M (minimum)
Door size
1.1M Clear width X 2 M (height)
Floor loading capacity
5 Tons per sq.meter


Updated: Friday August 09, 2019 15:51