Radiography Sources & Devices

Here we provide various information pertaining to our radiography camera customers.


The order form for radiography cameras and radiography sources i.e. R1 form has two portions - the form and the undertaking. Customers must send both these pages duly filled and signed, in triplicate.

The ready for despatch status does not imply actual despatch has taken place on the same date, customers are advised to check the AWB numbers for confirming the air despatch. Information about personal collections would be intimated over telephone/mobile.

(a) Message to Radiography Customers regarding payment of source/camera.

(b) April 18 2018: Due to backlog in supply of Iridium-192 radiography sources, BRIT will accept fresh orders of Iridium-192 radiography source only after 30 April 2018.

N.B. Customers may please take a note that Shri B.N. Patil is superannuating on May 31 2018, hence please do not send mails to instead use the for all future email correspondences.

Radiography Camera Status -

* The Air despatch scheduled for Tuesday June 12 2018. Personal collections as communicated telephonically.

The List of Radiography cameras received at BRIT for purposes other than source replenishment or received without the R1 form for source replenishment are now excluded from the list of received orders. Further, It may be noted that the orders received for SPEC-2T  Cameras are not being considered for source replenishment at BRIT due to technical reasons.

Receipts, inspection, production schedule (pending - includes radiography cameras from previous production schedule not yet despatched) and ready for despatch lists are mutually exclusive, if your camera is submitted for source replenishment it should be a part of one of these lists.

Information on transport of radioactive material for disposal Form can be downloaded from AERB website under Transport of Radioactive Material look for the link 13. permission for transport of disused source) Please also see the other relevant sections on the given link for other AERB transport guidelines e.g. Links 5-11.

AERB Guidelines & Support for Industrial Radiography

Additional Information on Radiographic Devices

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